Christina Ewig

Christina Ewig is Professor of Public Affairs and Faculty Director of the Center on Women, Gender and Public Policy at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Her research focuses on the politics of gender and race in Latin America. Professor Ewig's current research investigates whether the rise of women and indigenous peoples into political office in Latin America has made a difference for the kinds of policy that is produced and the possibilities for "political intersectionality" – or the crossing of boundaries of inequality to develop shared political objectives. This project includes a book in process that compares Peru, Colombia and Ecuador and recent articles in Social Politics and Politics & Gender. Professor Ewig's research has also focused on Latin American social policy, and health policy specifically. She has examined the historical formation of social policy; the politics and effects of market-oriented social policy reforms following economic adjustment in the 1990s and 2000s; and the more recent shift toward more generous and equitable social policies. Her book, Second-Wave Neoliberalism: Gender, Race and Health Sector Reform in Peru (Penn State University Press, 2010) won the Flora Tristán Award for the best book on Peru, 2010-12, from the Peru Section of the Latin American Studies Association. Her research on health reforms in Chile, Colombia, and Brazil has been published in journals such as Comparative Political Studies and World Development, among others. Professor Ewig's research has been supported by a number sources, including a Fulbright New Century Scholars award and a Rockfeller Residential Fellowship. She is Associate Editor of the journal Social Politics, editor of the Palgrave book series, Crossing Boundaries of Gender and Politics in the Global South and former Co-President of the Women and Politics Research Section of the American Political Science Association.

Christina Ewig

Christina Ewig


Faculty Director, Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy

Humphrey School of Public Affairs

University of Minnesota

255 Humphrey School

301 19th Ave. S.

Minneapolis MN 55455